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About us
Himel is an international brand of products manufactured by Sino French JV Delixi Electric.

Himel products are dedicated to the LV economical segment outside China and comply with the internationals standards.

Himel products are available through a network of selected commercial offices, distributors or local agents.
Our vision
In this world of diversity, any project-from basic to high-tech-can be successfully realized. The fast development of new economies means that there is an increased demand for new offers: products that are safe, easy to use and quick to install.

We believe that when it comes to basic electrical applications everyone should have a supplier of practical products that meet these requirements-a reliable partner who helps eliminate the risk of overpaying or purchasing counterfeits.
Our mission
• We deliver the right choice for common usage and help our customers grow their businesses in a competitive environment.

• We provide simple and solid design and ensure that our products are always where they are needed.

• We are committed to granting our customers the right choice at the right time, and at a reasonable price.

• We are accountable and always deliver on our promises. This is the standards our customers can expect from Himel
Our values
Himel products are widely available through an optimized network of local sales representatives, which helps us work to our customers' timelines. We understand that projects cannot wait so we act fast and strive to deliver the best offer available. As an international company we take advantage of our global reach to ensure we always meet our customers' expectations.

Himel products are attractive, practical, and designed to meet our customers' real needs. We design basic applications for common usage and aim always to deliver THE RIGHT product: easy to use, quick to instal, and without the risk of overpaying or purchasing counterfeits

Himel is a professional supplier with international expertise who utilizes proven technology and is dedicated to staying close to its customers long-term. We invest in our people, products, and technology and aim to be an anchor to customers in today's ever-changing market.

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